Manfred Baumann newest exhibition

– Breast cancer is more than a bright pink shade
– Breast cancer brings fear, sadness and despair with it
– Breast cancer can also be understood as a rebirth.

Star photographer Manfred Baumann shows the faces and bodies of over 20 women who have had experience with breast cancer – in various dimensions: as the first time, relapsed or metastatic, incurable sufferers. The photographs give visibility and tell the personal stories of the participants.

With this exhibition we want to raise awareness of the topic of breast cancer and raise public awareness of the disease. Under the title “Rebirth” we present a photo series that is dedicated to the survivors and the permanently ill. The pictures are intended to express that cancer – as terrible as it may be – can be understood as a rebirth. After all, everything negative also contains something beautiful, powerful and new.

Every art subject conveys a message and has information content. The focus is on the essentials. The pictures should appear original and lively, as well as convey joie de vivre and motivation.

The positive energy of the models is just as present as their vulnerability. A new, different life began with the diagnosis. Faster, harder, more determined – but also more intense, clearer and more conscious.