Nina Proll

Manfred Baumann has supported and photographed special and unique Sujets with local celebrities for the Austrian Cancer Aid, for 12 years in cooperation with
Dancer Against Cancer

Each year under a different topic!

Roland Neuwirth
Angelika Niedetzky
Andy Baum

2013 emotions

2023 hand in hand

Konstanze Breitebner

2017 festivals

one should celebrate the parties as they come

Peter Cornelius
Larissa Marold
Andreas Goldberger

2021 paintings

Petra Frey and Matt Schuh
Viktor Gernot

2015 famous dance scenes

Roxanne Rapp
Silvia Schachermayer

Barbara Kaudelka

2019 shadow images

where there is shadow there is also light

Valentina Nafornita

Barbara Meier
Hupo Neuper
Dorretta Carter

2018 mirror image

2016 Anniversary – how quickly time flies

Sasa Schwarzjirg


Ina Regen
Virginia Ernst
Jasmin Wagner

2020 wisdom

Andy Lee Lang

2014 fairy tales

Alfons Haider

2012 bald Celebrities

Uwe Kröger
Chris Lohner
Sascha Wussow
Lisa Gadenstätter