Developmentally disabled people often live unacknowledged on the sidelines of society. SPECIAL is a series of portraits photographed by Manfred Baumann, which offers a fresh perspective by capturing the unique essence of these remarkable individuals!

In the course of this six-month project, Baumann shot 65 extraordinary photographs.The inspiration for the project came from Baumann’s sister, Petra (35), who herself is intellectually impaired.

Hence, Baumann has had a personal connection with the issue since his childhood. The unique images created by the artist bring the positive energy of their distinctive models to light, while at the same time raising the awareness of the beholders.

The project was a labor of love forhim native: “Photography is the only language that can be understood all over the world. Working with the models was also a lot of fun, and I especially loved their open and warm-hearted nature.”

Manfred and his special sister Petra at the exhibition opening