On September 28th 2013 the first Viennese Photo treasure hunt ("Wiener Foto Schnitzeljagd") will take place. No matter if you are a man, woman, senior or child, everyone is welcome. You can either use a smartphone, digital camera or single-lens reflex camera and in general, you are allowed to use anything that has the skills to take pictures. The first photo treasure hunt shouts out for all photography-obsessed people and for those who would like to become one of them. Since the joy of photography and the fun while being part of the game are the most important things, it´s a unique race! Take up a challenge and participate at the very other treasure hunt! -


70-year-old actress Christine Schuberth alias Josefine Mutzenbacher posed as nude model for Manfred Bauman´s new calendar 2014! Christine pictures perfectly that erotic is borderless and not a factor of age. The fine nude art picture will firstly be presented at my calendar presentation in October in Munich.


Currently Gottfried Helnwein displays his work at the Albertina in Vienna. I was totally impressed by him at the photo shooting in downtown Los Angeles. I think his way of working and his art I’ve seen at the gallery is very special and it definitely blowed my mind. His paintings are one of a kind and look like those pictures are taken by camera and not like they are drawn. It’s an absolute miracle to me. Gottfried was born in Austria and he is a person who shares how far you can come if your sincerely want something! Congratulations to your new exhibition Gottfried


I’m truly a fan of the TV-drama TRUE BLOOD. It’s a vampire based tv-show which involves quite a few erotic scenes and fascinating plots. I was thrilled when I got to meet and photograph one of the main characters. Kristin Van Straaten is a very talented actress and it was a great experience to shoot with her! She was almost about to bite me! ;)


OLD WORLD, NEW WORLD is the name of my new travel book, which will be published by the well-known company National Geographic. I look forward to it and hopefully my fans too! It will be released in fall 2013 and contains my best photographs which I took during my travels: most of those are new or previously undisclosed! Let’s rock!



Alive, the process for my project ended with the opening in Vienna. Now the exhibition is about to travel and I hope that many people get to see it. The book to the exhibition turned out very well too. At this point I would like to thank my manager Bettina Wittmann, who organized a very successful event! – Thank you


Today we set up an emotional photo shooting with Michael, an HIV-positive, who used to be a photographer as well. Since he was diagnosed of AIDS, he ran out of jobs and ended up on the streets, where he lived for a long time. We shot for my new exhibition ALIVE and book LIVE. It was a pleasure to meet him.


Just in time the book to the exhibition AliVe will be released for the official opening! Last year when we set up the exhibition LIFE in various European cities, I got asked a lot if there is also a photo book containing all of the shots. It’s happening pretty soon! In May we present the new exhibition AliVe, which will be hugely popular in Paris, New York City, Vienna and Innsbruck. At the same time we will publish the new photo book with pictures of LIFE and AliVe!


I´ve received so many inquiries for photo shootings from individual persons and lots of e-mails with such a good feedback from you. Therefore my wife and I decided to make time for you guys on several appointments for a whole year. Click on the above-mentioned link BE A STAR and a professional styling and photo shooting with me is waiting for you! Have fun and enjoy your personal Baumann picture!


Emotional celebrities – Dancer against Cancer. For the new DaC-calendar I put 13 Austrian celebrities in front of my camera, who showed themselves emotional like never before! Adele Neuhauser, Eva Glawischnig, Nina Proll, Sabrina Reiter, Peter Rapp, Claudia Reiterer, Theresia Haiger, Vera Russwurm, Angelika Niedetzky, Peter Cornelius, Alexander Goebel, Roland Neuwirth, Andy Baum and Prof. Felix Dvorak let their emotions out to galvanize other people!The profit may be used 1:1 for the Austrian Cancer Aid. We will present the photos on Monday!

Exhibition AliVe – in the middle of life
My new touching exhibition, .. coming soon Spring 2013. When time flows by, faces and looks change with it, just as with calamities. AliVe gives insights in people life, which may be refused otherwise and brings them back from the fringes in the centre of society. The homeless live on the fringes of society and won’t be observed in a positive or negative way. AliVe displays another view on human beings, who stand in need of our help. Besides expressive black-white photographs, written talks will be shown to provide a total picture to the viewer - coming soon Spring 2013 More Infos:

With TESA we are searching for you and your puppy for the new
celebrity-calendar BEST FRIENDS!You have the chance to be star in the calendar with your “best friend” besides celebrity-pets and their owners! It doesn’t matter if you are young, old, chubby or thin, if you named your house pet Rex, Minka or Fipsi – your charisma is all that matters. Apply here


I have been following Jane Goodall’s work for years. Besides Dian Fossey (Gorillas) and Birutò Galdikas (Orang-Utans), Goodall is one of three women who started a decades-long field study of great apes initiated by palaeontologist Louis Leakey at the beginning of the 1960`s. Last year Nelly and I had the honour of meeting Jane and learn more about her project and we have chosen to support the Jane Goodall Institute. During the next few months you will get to know more about Jane and our project!


Although the shooting of my new movie hasn’t started yet, my director skills are in great demand! In consequence of my perfect team, it’s a pleasure to work as a director! “A photo is the first step to moving pictures” Besides two TV commercials, we made a music video for the Austrian musician and exceptional artist Eric Papilaya in corporation with SKY.


Hollywood actress Jaimie Alexander is also a friend of ours and acted in one successful blockbuster movie after another. She was cast as “Sif” in THOR and is currently on camera for part two! Right before she played “Sarah Torrance”, one of the leading characters in “Last Stand”, alongside Arnold Schwarzenegger. Let’s just see what happens in the future! We are looking forward to meeting again in Los Angeles.


Over the last years the photography changed in a very strong way. There are more and more pictures and everybody retouches them. I read in an interview that Bryan Adams, who is also a very well photographer, sent his pictures to three exhibitions for elaboration. And the exhibitors in New York retouched all of his pictures without telling him, because they could not believe that there are still pictures exist without any retouch. That is a reason why my role models are photographers like Helmut Newton, Yousuf Karsh, Andreas Feininger or Herb Ritts. In honor of Herb Ritts 10th day of death I made the picture “Hommage” with the Miss Austrias as models.


After the Life Ball in Vienna exists for 20 years tosupport the fight against Aids and although the event takes place in my hometown Nelly and I were in this year for the first time at the event. Together with world stars like Antonio Banderas and Sean Penn we were in the VIP section. My camera was of course also with me and right below our VIP loge I saw Amanda Lepore and photographed her. Now this is one of my new favouritepictures. A picture tells a story and very interesting for me was that Amanda looked up to me and not the other way.


Right by time fort he photokina 2012 my new picture book „Sexy Camera Work“ will be published. It shows, as you can see in the titel a best of my Fine Nude photography. From summer on you can preorder the book over our onlineshop. I am looking forward to the new book!!!!!


For the company Juvina we photographed the new miss Austria Amina Dagi. Completely new at the shooting was my wife and Muse Nelly Baumann who was the designer at the shooting. We created spontaneous an idea on set. Soon you can see the advertising posters in Austria.


The film crew for our film project is completed. From the sound, the cutter till the filming director as well as make-up and light crew. Also the special effects and stunt men are part of it. This week we filmed together in Spain and we are looking forward to the movie in the next year. Till then we work on two documentations, advertising spots and short films to get more experiences.


Only one month to go, than my new exhibition “Manfred Baumann – Auf den Spruch gekommen” will be presented. The exhibition comprises more than 20 pictures of celebrities like Wolfgang Ambros, Roland Düringer, Alexandra Meissnitzer, Marika Lichter and shows them in combination with a saw and not at least in a way you have never seen them before.


As a huge fan of music it was a great pleasure for me to meet the exceptional musician James Cottriall and also to realize wit him the photo shooting for his new album. We had a lot of fun at the shooting and we worked with a lot of colors. Today the new album will be presented in Vienna.


My exhibition LIFE is now in Graz. In cooperation with Rado and the jeweler Heimo Wagner we welcome about 100 fans and friends at the opening. The moderation was made by a good friend of us, Dorian Steidl. For one week you now have the chance to take a look at the pictures and life storys in Seiersberg. After that the exhibition will move to Germany


About two years ago we photographed an young actor named Marshall Cook for an US magazine. Now his first cine movie released. In the movie he not only played the main role, he also worked as director. We are invited to the premiere in Los Angeles, Congratulations Marshall!


Also in this year we were at the Palm Springs Film Festival. There we met a lot of Hollywood stars and had some glass of champagne together and could talk a little bit. In this year we met Brad Pitt, Charlize Theron and George Clooney but also a lot of producers and directors. It was a really great evening and if you would like to know more, you should read my blog.


Nearly two years I am working for the agency z-works, the advertising agency for BURGER KING in Austria and Swiss. In the last year we photographed and realized lot of great campaigns. Also in this year you can expect a lot. Have fun with Burger King.


Sine more than 16 years we are a couple. We are working together as team and travelling around the world. I am very proud of Nelly, that she finished her astrology studies next to our busy work. Now she is working as astrologer and has her own homepage – also the Austrian press is excited to have a new celebrity astrologer.


I am very happy to have with the advertising agency Zeitgeist in Swiss a new partner. We are looking forward to new projects in 2012. As you can see in the actual campaign HOT that they have very original and good ideas.


Calvin Hollywood is especially in Europe and the German-speaking sector more than well known. Calvin Hollywood, who is multiple priced, is a photo artist and Photoshop genius! Calvin lives in Germany and presents national and international workshops, coachings and tutorials with the topic picture editing. Together we decided to realize a workshop. The workshop was in a few days sold out and brought to the participants not only a lot of knowledge and fun, they also learned to enjoy the photography which is very important to me at any time.


I am very glad about the invitation and cooperation to the
biggest photo fair in 2012. With an exhibition, Live Photoshootings, workshops and discussion groups with a lot of
colleagues it will be an exciting week! Next to it we will present with some Celebrities the new calendar 2013.


Currently I am in the pre-production for my first cine movie. The team involves till today almost 50 people. With 5 cameraman, sound engineers and people for the perfect editing we are currently working on the storyboard. The script itself will be finished by the end of the year and till February 2012 we should also have finished the casting for the actors. I am not able to tell you more about, but it is definitely not getting boring in the cinemas.


In some days I will present my new calendar 2012 which will be presented at Lancia. In the calendar you can find 12 new sensual and erotic pictures. Like in every year also this time you can see Nelly with a surprising photo in the month August. A lot of our famous friends will come to the event. The calendar is, like in the years before, limited of 1000 pieces but you can
order it even now in my online-shop.


LIFE, a project which was for me and my wife Nelly very impressive and changed a lot of things for us. We made portraits of people who are more than 100 years old and all of them have their own different and emotional story´s. So we did get in contact with these people, who are often forgotten by many others. Life unretouched & uncensored – the exhibition itself will be on tour through Austria and Germany, the kick off will be on September 15th in form of an event in the Donau Zentrum in Vienna. To the event also my close friend and Hollywood actress Lisa Edelstein will come.


Manfred Baumann photo-highlights is the title of my new book and there are only a few days remaining until you can get it in the stores. It is a very special book for me, because in it you will find my favourite pictures from the last years as well as my newest work from 2010 and 2011. Also the special exhibition Life is a part of the book and not at least some un-published photographs. By now you can preorder the book over my online-shop, it will take some days but of course every piece is hand-signed by me.


I need to say a huge thank you to Hensel light, who supports me since a few time as a really great partner no mather if in Europe or the US. If someone is like me always on tour to photograph at different locations in the world it is such a great help if you dont need to take always
the equipment from one place to another. With Hensel as partner the equipment will be brought to every place in different countrys where I am working. THANK YOU


We had a photoshooting with Niddl for her new CD cover, in my opinion she is one of the best female singer in Austria. As an rock artist it is daily business for her to be photographed in these kind of outfits. So I decided to do something different. Niddl, looking like an angel just in pure white on a flower field and I am sure the people will love the pictures as well as her new album.

In the middle of Los Angeles, near the Walk of Fame, we photographed in the Sunset Marquis hotel the world famous actor and voice actor Fabio Lanzoni. The Italian - known for is wide chest as well as his long hair - is for sure the most famous male covermodel in the world. Next to his appearance on international magazines he also get photographed for a lot of lovestory books for the cover.

The year is completely full of terms and we are in arrangements for so many projects. Because of it is really difficult to make an appointment with me, even I dont know exactly my appointments, so it is more then neccessary to have a good team arround you and with my right-hand and agent Sonja Kuba I am since three years in good hands. She is a master of her´s craft and she helps and supports me around the clock. Thank you.


By now I am totally into my photo productions and pre-production for my first cine movie. The script becomes even more specific and I am busy with casting the team with which I want to work for the next years - camera, sound, styling and the cutter. You cannot imagine how much time and effort is behind the project. Its incredible how much work and not at least lifeblood you need to put in there. That fact is also a reason why I really despise the private copies of films from the internet.


After the TV series on VOX, we received a lot of applications and we also could win a lot of new photo fans. Unfortunately we can not take so many Trainees. But to all of my fans I can say that we will present in this year, two new books and an absolutely exclusive calendar with great pics. Not at least in autumn this year will also wait a big surprise for you all.


There will be three new exhibitions in this year. I will present my work at the Photo LA, in Germany and France. At the exhibition in the Schwarzwald we will also welcome a lot of Hollywoodstars. Some days ago we photographed the world famous swimmer Franziska van Almsick for the exhibition in the Schwarzwald. We created with her a great sujet on a very cool location. Just search for it on Google and you will find a great making-of video.


I am very glad to tell you, that although we have a lot of work in this year like we present three exhibitions, the calendar presentation and a will have a lot of advertising productions, we also publish 2 new books. Especially I am happy to say that one of these will be a travel book. The last one was published about ten years ago and in the upcoming book you will find a lot of great new pictures!!!


Although I am by now in the Pre Production of my first cine movie, the photography still remains the most important part of my life. So we photographed in the last days for my exhition in the Schwazwald the stars Mike Krüger and Axel Stein. We could win both of them for a photoshooting and made two sujets in black and white. Once the production took place in Hamburg and the other one was in Vienna. Both sets were arranged to think about it, similar to a movie.


Already as a little boy I was a really great fan of the cinema and also today Nelly and I visit several times in the month the cinema to see there with a lot of excitement the newest movies. As a photographer you are very close to movies, because a photograph, which is not more then a snapshot, is the first step to moving pictures. Now it´s time, in the middle of 2012 I will produce my very first movie and will direct it. For this project I have a lot of ideas and a great team.


In the last six weeks here in Los Angeles we had more then 30 productions for my advertising clients, magazines as well as for my exhibitions and the new book. In this week we had another  hollywoodstar on set, Jason Priestley, who is currently also very busy as actor as well as director. On Sunday we will go back to Europe where a lot of work is waiting for us and unfortunately also the bad weather. Many people asked me in the last time to realize another Meet & Greet in Vienna and so we will invite you soon for a drink and meeting with me. More informations about that you will find soon on our homepage!!


One of the great things in my job is, that you meet such a lot of people and their interesting and stunning storys. In the next days we will have photoshootings with Charlene Tilton, Melanie Tolbert, Emmanuelle Vaugier, Linda Grey, Johann Urb, Jonathan Keltz, Marsha Thomason, Sam Page, Jake Lloyd and a lot more actors from different generations and genres. These are main characters in TV series like "DALLAS", "Two and a Half Men", "LOST", "LAS VEGAS" and "DESPERATE HOUSEWIFES". Also they are well known from blockbusters like "2012", the new Disneymovie "PROM" which will be released in summer 2011 as well as the main actress from the movie "THOR". About all these shootings of course I will tell you more in my blog!!


The weather in California is by now perfect for photoshootings. For my new book, which will be published after the summer, I photographed a new sujet with three topmodels. The name of the sujet is "Rock". It is a picture of which you can be curious and should wait very patiently. My team arranged some perfect outfits and build up the light on set!! In the next days I will photograph Kathleen Robertson, the main actress from the movie "Scary Movie" or "Beverly Hills 90210" or actual well known from "CSI Miami".


Natalie Portman won yesterday at the Golden Globes deserved one of the awards for the movie "The Black Swan"! Just one week ago we were on the same event just two tables from her away and I had the opportunity to make an history-charged photograph from her. A picture which tells a story like also movies do. On this evening she told us that she almost wanted since she was a little girl to make ballet or doing a movie which is going about ballet. And this case shows us again how important it is to keep your dreams and goals in mind. THANK YOU Natalie Portman for this great photograph and and unforgettable evening


Till the middle of February we are in our almost second home Los Angeles, were we will have some interesting photoshootings. So keep reading my blog, because we will photograph with international topmodels and stars right here in Hollywood. Also I am very happy and glad to name HENSEL as my new partner, they provided me the best and newest equipment in Los Angeles for the photoshootings.
I am looking forward to a long time partnership with one of the best companys in this business!


I wish to all my photofans and friends a merry christmas and a happy new year. In the next year there will be published about three new picturebooks with my work. Also we will present exhibitions in about four different countrys.
For one of my new projects we had this week a special photoshooting with the actor and comedian Christoph Maria Herbst in Cologne. Also on set there were Bordeaux Doggen, so be curious for my next work.


Meet & Greet with Manfred Baumann at the "Alt Wiener Adventmarkt". Manfred & Nelly Baumann are going to stir hot chocolate for you and for charity. Meet them at December 9. from 5 till 7 pm at the Zotter hut at the market!!   Also you have the chance to win and take there a signed calendar, book or poster, so be a part of the competition on Facebook-Fansite!!!

In this week we have a photoshooting at a really extraordinary location. The more often it is very important for a good picture to chose the right location, similar with movies. We are going to photograph a new art sujet in a luxury train wagon. Titel of the picture: TRAIN


In the last time we get a lot of inquiries for being a part at photo fairs like Photokina, Fototage in Weiden oder PhotoParis. This is a very good opportunity for a photographer to present his work and products like books and calendars. Also I have the opportunity to tell in workshops and speeches people and colleagues in photography more about my opinion of photography. Also I am glad to see a lot of visitors and colleagues this weekend at the Photoadventure in Vienna.


We have already finished our exhibition in the Air Gallery in London and my team and management works now on the new exhibitions for 2011. Currently planed are exhibitions in Amsterdam, Turin, Berlin and Los Angeles. For me there are waiting a lot of photoproductions and new tasks. Till the end of the year we are in Europe before we will go back at Christmas to Los Angeles.


For the new Burger King Whopper campaigne we thought about something special. We photographed the model Jenny Gerber in a room with fireplace in the hotel Marienhof. You can see the sujet at the end of November.


With 12 models we photographed in Graz a new calendar with Pinup style. With a lot of colours, oltimers and perfect Ourfits we made some perfect shots. The presentation will be at the end of November this year.


With melancholy I decided to close the old website and put online a completely new one. More then seven years ago the site was created from my friend Szymon Migulec, who died some times later.
The new website includes a lot of new stuff for you and was created by my friend Delil Kürklü with a lot of love, ambition and sleepless nights.