the photo of your life

Have you always wanted to have professional photos taken by a star photographer, pose in proper light and just feel like one of those stars that smile to you from a magazine cover?

Manfred Baumann had shootings with many VIP’s from Natalie Portman to Alec Baldwin, Charlize Theron and Glen Close to national celebrities like Nina Proll, Jeanette Biedermann or Roland Düringer!

It doesn’t matter if you are 8 or 80 years old, if you are a man, woman or a cat – there is no limit – not even when it comes to sizes! ;)

Our program:
your personal styling from a professional
• photo shooting with Manfred Baumann
“the photo of your life” – a valuable black & white printed photo (paper size 210 x 297mm)

all pictures of the shooting burned on CD as PDF’s

Within 40 to 60 minutes you receive a styling from a professional make-up artist and get photographed by Manfred Baumann. Make up artist Nelly Baumann, who already put hand on numerous famous people like Kathleen Turner, supermodel Joanna Krupa, Lisa Edelstein and many more, will be also responsible for your make-over!

Following this special star treatment, Manfred Baumann and his team take great "celeb-style" care of you! Manfred will set up a shooting, where he will take 30-50 headshots of you! Together you are going to select “the photo of your life” which will be edited by him and his staff.

A CD with a b/w pdf-overview of your shooting including all pictures, your personal right of use and right of reproduction and the chosen photo in a size of 210x297mm will be handed over to you right at the spot!

So what to wear? Whether skirt, trousers, dress or diving suit, it is totally up to you. We recommend clothes you feel comfortable in! Headshot photos display only the upper part of the body. From experience we can tell that plain colors flatter more than a multicolored outfit.

Manfred Baumann and his team are pleased to welcome you!

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City Date Price Free places Register
1 Rom 10.10.2013 189 EUR 0 Sold out
2 Linz 12.11.2013 179 EUR 0 Sold out
3 Innsbruck 14.11.2013 189 EUR 0 Sold out
4 Los Angeles 08.01.2014 189 EUR 0 Sold out
5 Graz 19.02.2014 179 EUR 0 Sold out
6 Salzburg 25.03.2014 189 EUR 0 Sold out
7 Wien 02.04.2014 189 EUR 0 Sold out
8 Wien 10.04.2014 189 EUR 0 Sold out
9 Hamburg 13.04.2014 189 EUR 0 Sold out
10 Wien 15.04.2014 189 EUR 0 Sold out
11 London 25.04.2014 199 EUR 0 Sold out
12 Wien 06.05.2014 189 EUR 0 Sold out
13 Linz 13.05.2014 189 EUR 0 Sold out
14 München 14.05.2014 189 EUR 0 Sold out
15 Wien 15.05.2014 189 EUR 0 Sold out
16 Wien 27.05.2014 189 EUR 0 Sold out
17 Wien 05.06.2014 189 EUR 5 Register
18 Wien 10.06.2014 189 EUR 8 Register
19 Zürich 01.07.2014 199 EUR 2 Register
20 Klagenfurt 23.09.2014 189 EUR 4 Register
21 Innsbruck 25.09.2014 189 EUR 7 Register
22 Graz 30.09.2014 189 EUR 8 Register